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Recline & Relax In A Modern Lounge Chair

Add more seating to your living room with a stylish lounge chair. Lounge and armchairs are the perfect finishing touch in any business or home, offering additional seating and a style. MFKTO's seating collection offers a wide range of options to fit every person's style and taste. From mid century leather chairs with tapered legs and a grain leather seat to modern swivel chairs featuring a metallic frame, there is something for everyone. Browse our collection online to find the perfect chair for your home or business.

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MFKTO has a wide selection of contemporary chairs ranging from swivel, fixed, plush and leather. Browse our collection of accent and lounge chairs to find the perfect chair for your interior design. Products can be filtered by new arrivals, chair type and frame material on the main menu.

Comfortable Toronto living room with modern lounge chairs, cushions, paintings, and coffee table

Design Your Space With An Accent Lounge Chair

Those with a small space or house will benefit from a stylish armchair in their living rooms. Rather than having a sofa take up the majority of the room, lounge chairs will provide a spot to sit without crowding the area. The artful and lounge design will also transition perfectly between a cozy evening relaxing or visiting with guests. Pair it with an ottoman to create a functional and beautiful living room.

A lounge chair will also be a thoughtful addition to a bedroom. Its plush design is inviting, encouraging homeowners to rest and relax into the soft upholstered leather or fabric cushions.  Simply tuck the armchair into the corner of the room with a floor lamp to create a cozy reading nook.

Sophistication With A Solid Wood Frame Accent Chair

Interior design directly impacts mood as well as productivity. This makes it incredibly important for a home office to be designed with great care. In order to design a professional and modern office, select fabrics and pieces that promote refinement and comfort. Arm or side chairs are a perfect way of doing that.

An upholstered chair with a wooden frame will set a professional tone as the stained wood has a sense of sophistication and class. Pair it with a foam chair cushion for comfort all throughout the workday. An alternative is a leather swivel chair, providing mobility and style in one complete package. A chair is the most important part of an office, and it should be selected with great care.