Damage or Defect Claim

Defects and damages are subject to inspection and approval and need to be reported within the first 48hrs of receiving the item, after this time we can no longer guarantee replacement or credit for the item. Ensure you keep original packaging if you are submitting a claim. 

Please leave a detailed description of the damage/defect as well as a description of the condition the packaging the item came in. After filling out the form below, please upload 2 photos of the original packaging (please make sure this includes the item information found on the box) as well as 3 photos of the item including a close up and one where the full item can be seen (please ensure all photos are clear).


Natural materials including wood and marble have variations and their imperfections are not considered defects. As wood pieces adapt to our Canadian climate, they can shift size and sometimes crack. Marble pieces can display unique veining, pitting, fissures, micro-cracks and colour variations that make every piece one-of-a-kind. These organic features are not considered defects as they don't change the structure and integrity of your item, think of it as a beauty mark on your skin or a dimple on your cheek - these are not imperfections but characteristics that make your piece unique.

Vegan leather is manufactured to reflect the natural characteristics of leather; as such, markings, wrinkles, grooves, and light scratches are appreciated characteristics. No two pieces will be alike.

Please note, after our first contact, our process can take 2-3 weeks as we work with our suppliers and manufacturers to resolve the issue. Our team does their best to work on resolving claims as quickly and efficiently as possible but we ask for your patience while we do so. We understand sometimes it can be frustrating, but please remember there is a person on the other side who is trying to help you so we ask you to be kind. Thank you so much for understanding!