5 Questions to Ask Your Salesperson Before Buying Furniture

With the amount of information available on websites and social media, you would think buying furniture is easy these days. You can get answers to your queries, search for the best deals and get opinions from friends and strangers alike without leaving your seat. With that said, too much information can also lead to confusion that stems from contrary opinions. Who is right? Which one should you go for? This is when a salesperson comes into use.

It is important to find the right furniture showroom with a well-informed sales team who can answer all your queries. First, you need to ask the right questions to get the right furniture for your home, office or retail establishment. Consider asking the following questions to make a valuable difference in your buying decision:

What is the best price?

It’s true that each piece of furniture comes with a price tag but it never hurts to ask if that is the best price you will get. Furniture showrooms have policies for lowering prices. Sometimes, they may be willing to consider bringing it down further, especially if you are thinking of buying more than one piece. Others may throw in freebies to make the deal attractive. For instance, ask if the cushions for the sofa set can be offered at a good discount or for free. If you buy a full set, you can negotiate more. Ask if they have other items at the same price. It is easier to find options from similar pieces than settle on one style.

What is the furniture made of?

The price depends on the materials used for the furniture, apart from the style. You know you have a good deal if you get a great price for durable material. However, you may be able to bring down the price if the material is inexpensive or consider a superior quality instead. Ask if the finishes are toxic or low VOC and ask if they are easy to maintain. If the upholstery is delicate, find out how you can look after the furniture long term with spill resistant sprays. You may also want to know about industry certifications.

Does the furniture come with a written guarantee?

Always ask if the piece or set comes with a guarantee, what it covers and the guarantee period. Sometimes, manufacturers offer a guarantee too. Make sure you have a print out of the document. Find out the time period to cancel the order if you need to, without incurring additional fees.

How much will customization cost you?

Customized furniture gives your home a special touch. You can buy pieces for cozy corners or unconventional layouts. Specific upholstery that goes with your carpet will coordinate better than random selections that don’t blend. You can try a combination of finishes for a unique look. The question is, will the furniture showroom offer customized services? Will the costs go up marginally or by a good amount? Can it be negotiated down? It is good to be aware before you place your order and get aghast at the bills that follow.

Will they remove the old furniture when they deliver the new one?

Many reliable furniture companies remove old furniture that the new one will be replacing. That is a valuable service that allows you to avoid the hassles of discarding heavy furniture yourself. A few stores offer furniture bank services for discarded pieces. Ensure you know whether the service comes with a cost or if it’s free.

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